S-line View 1.0

Basic characteristics

Data management becomes one of the most important aspects of modern monitoring systems. With rising number of measured objects and higher density of sensing points required, the effective data processing and its simple visualization becomes much easier with the right tool. S-line View 1.0 is great interface for both data providers and users. Sylex offers this as optional service for clients who don’t have their own data management systems. Let our team setup the whole front and back end of the S-line system for your monitoring projects.

S-line View 1.0 – web-based data management software for collection, analysis, validation and on-line visualization of measured data. It offers:

  • Web access to the data
  • Storage of data
  • Real time visualization by graphs, real-time displays and data tables
  • Multiple alarm triggers
  • Investigation of historical data
  • Automatic reports
  • Comprehensive web service for projects of any size

S-line View 1.0 – supports any type of sensors or dataloggers, thus enabling to merge data from various sensing technologies into the same project.

S-line View 1.0 – is Sylex´s brand name for Vista engineering’s Vista Data Vision software.