Recycle it!

Europe recycles more than 70% of its used paper. Despite this fact, every second tree cut down is used in its production.

In our company, we try to look more and more often at the environmental aspects of our business. One of the many steps by which we are striving to decrease paper consumption and thus volume of waste is through the implementation of an electronic internal order process. In the past, each item from each purchase order had its own traceability sheet and production drawing printed on paper, which was attached to the order throughout the production process. Every single production step was confirmed by individual operators on the traceability sheet. This process was time consuming and it triggered high paper consumption and consequently waste disposal. The new online system implemented in our company is much more flexible, transparent and simple for production process administration. Every single production operator has at his disposal a tablet which has all the data necessary for him to be able to perform his job. This has led to significant reduction of printed sheets of paper; an internal analysis shows a 25% reduction.

We prefer sending test reports in electronic form via email to our customers, but not everybody can accept it. Therefore as a small help to our planet we at least changed format of test reports from A4 to smaller A5. We calculated that by this change we will avoid yearly approx. 15 trees from cutting down

A list of practices used for paper waste reduction:

1. We use paper on both sides – duplex printing

2. We push for the use of electronic file formats if possible

3. Agendas and presentations for meetings as well as meeting minutes are prepared and sent only in an electronic format

4. Considering documents with multiple pages, when printing is required, we select only the necessary pages

5. We exclusively use and share an electronic calendar

6. Change of printed test repot format from A4 to A5

We hope to apply additional measures in the future to our company life, which will help us in further lowering the environmental impact caused by our company.