Sylex expands its portfolio with new POF-based products

In polymer optical fibres (POF), both the fibre core and the cladding are made of polymers. Key advantages of polymer optical fibres are high flexibility (high alternate bending resistance with smaller bending radii) as well as a low cost solution in connecting and transmission technology in comparison with glass optical fibres.

Moreover, this type of fibre also has all the major benefits of a fibre optical cable connection: EMC security, clear galvanic separation, waterproof, moisture-proof, no crosstalk and low weight. POF can already be used to bridge distances up to 70 metres, which is normally sufficient for both industrial environments and smaller office as well as home networks. It is even possible to cover distances up to 150 metres by selecting suitable active components, and the products are powered by inexpensive 650nm LED sources. These cables withstand temperatures from -55°C up to +105°C. Sylex terminates UL cables with IL (Insertion Loss) < 2.8dB.

POF products are an ideal solution for home and industrial networks, automotive industry, industrial automation, robotics, sensors and data transmission over shorter distances (<100 m).

Sylex offers both simplex and duplex versions of POF cables terminated with different types of HFBR connectors with full design flexibility while meeting the customer’s needs. Various cable structures are available.