SYLEX offers products with new MDC connectors from US Conec

Our maxim “as much as possible” always means higher density. Be it panels, racks or other telecom or datacom accessories, our fibre optic products are designed to accommodate as many fibres as possible. New applications that require miniaturization of components are motivating producers to follow this trend. The fibre optics industry is keeping this fast pace and following the requirements of space optimisation as well.

Therefore, a new type of connector, the MDC, a successor of LC duplex, has been designed. The MDC connector increases density threefold when compared with the LC duplex connector, thanks to its footprint, which is sufficient to accommodate 3 MDC connectors in one MDC adapter. Hence, you get 6 connections instead of 2. Besides this, an MDC adapter offering 4 MDC ports for QSFP connection has been designed. It is compatible with the newest types of transceivers such as QSFP-DD or OSFP. On top of that, the MDC connector offers you a simple polarity change, easily done even in field, just by turning the flexible push-pull boot upside down and attaching again without any tools required. The push-pull boot is another significant feature of the MDC connector to mention – imagine installers having easy access to a single connector without affecting the neighbouring ones.

Regarding optical parameters, the MDC connector is the same size of the LC connector ferrule and has comparable parameters – Insertion Loss <0.25dB as standard. This connector meets Telcordia GR-326 requirements as well.


  • 3 times higher density than LC duplex connector
  • Compatibility with the newest type of transceivers like QSFP-DD or OSFP
  • Simple polarity change
  • Push-pull boot
  • Meets telcordia GR-326 requirements

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