Traceability and real-time data – key to excellent manufacturing

In a world driven by data and fast-changing market conditions, companies need tools to maintain their flexibility, reliability and effectiveness with a focus on better responsiveness to customers through secure real-time information. To meet this goal and to operate a successful manufacturing business, we are committed to long-term improvements of our control over our production processes. That is why we are now proud to have implemented a sophisticated barcode tracking system into our production. This solution turns everyday smart devices into a powerful barcode system that collects and displays vital manufacturing data in real time. It brings us reliable data for day-to-day operating decisions and is also essential for longer-term planning. Our barcode system also represents quite a powerful tool for quality control management. Full production process traceability adds value to the final product by ensuring quality and eliminating inefficiencies in the process.

Dana Synaková, CEO

Key Benefits

  • Traceability for each product throughout the manufacturing process to assure a high level of quality and product improvement
  • Monitoring and visualisation of production flow to identify bottlenecks and delays
  • Improved managing of workforce deployment to increase productivity
  • Monitoring of employee performance to ensure consistent standards of work
  • Efficiency achieved by reduced paperwork and direct access to technical drawings, working instructions and internal order card via tablet computer for each operator

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