48 or 72 fibres in one small connector

When the expression “Parallel Connectivity” is mentioned, the first connector type that comes to mind is MPO/MTP with 12 or 24 fibre count design. These two options are essential for fibre optic interconnection realised in the realm of the telecom and datacom market. High fibre count connectivity with the benefit of a small footprint and easy handling is, however, requested also in fields where 24 fibres are not enough. Applications such as R&D, laboratories, supercomputing and high-volume data gathering call for more fibres within the same interconnection interface. For such cases, the 48- or even 72-fibre MTP connector is ideal. Utilising all the benefits of the 12/24 design, Sylex offers round cable-based patch cables, fanouts/breakouts with a variety of other fibre optic connectors and customer-specific harnesses tailored to your unique applications.


  • The same footprint as standard 12/24F MTP connectors
  • Multimode application only
  • Available in jacketed and ribbon versions
  • Suitable for combination with Prizm® LightTurn® connectors

You can also read about application using 48-fibre MTP at CERN experiment at this link

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