REN-SPW-01 Rental of Spotwelding equipment

How to make your installation of SYLEX spot-weldable sensors quick and perfect at the same time ? Choose a monthly rental-based option of SPW-01, a dedicated spot welding equipment with a Rent and Buy program that will enable you choosing your desired rental period with the option to buy and keep the welding device for a special price afterwards.

This spot welding equipment requires a 220V power supply and a short practice only.

Monthly rental for SPW-01 is 300 EUR only.

Here are few useful short introductory videos below.

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What is included ?

  • Spot welder with a welding gun, cables, grounding clamps and welding tips
  • Eye protection goggles
  • Set of tools for welding tips exchange
  • Rugged plastic carry case


This video gallery contains 3 videos, all focused on correct spot welding process, testing and final result.

For correct spot welding energy setup, please refer to cross table.

Content of the video gallery:

  • Video 1: Spot weld procedure (start up – setup – weld)
  • Video 2: Quick check (how does a correct weld looks like)
  • Video 3: Spot weld testing removal (spot weld destructive test)


Performance properties Voltage Rating 220V; 50Hz; 3Amp breaker protection
Weld Energy 1) 5 to 300 Joules
Charging Time 2) < 10 seconds @ Max Energy Setting
Indication / Displays 3) LED for Charging / Energy Storage Status
Controls 4) Output energy adjustment, 2 position switch
Storage Temperature range -10 °C to +50 °C
Operating Temperature range -5 °C to +40 °C
Physical properties Dimensions (without cable) 5) 285 x 215 x 95 mm
Power cord length 1,5 mtr
Weight (without cables) 5 kg
Gun cables weight 6) 2 kg
Gun cables length 7) 1,5 mtr
Spot welding tip material CW103C
Packaging Ruggedized transportation case
Quality Statement 100% tested at SYLEX
Interrogator is manufactured according to ISO 9001:20015 and ISO 14001:20015


  • 1) For the actual weld energy at the welding gun tip see the cross table with nominal/actual values
  • 2) With weld energy set @250 Joules
  • 3) Status indication is displayed by a LED located on the welding gun and LED located on chassis front panel as well
  • 4) Maximum achievable weld energy with turbo off: 50J, maximum achievable weld energy with turbo on: 300J
  • 5) For further dimensions details see the product drawing
  • 6) Gun cable weight includes the spot-welding gun, electrode cable and ground cable
  • 7) Gun cable length is extendable on request