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Environmentally responsible producer

This is the latest certificate we have received for the successful separation of the materials we use. In the spirit of investing even more time and effort into our efficiency and the environment, we welcome and thank you for this certificate from OZV NATUR-PACK

PM fibre-based solutions

SYLEX now extends its activity by offering passive interconnectivity solutions based primarily on PANDA PM fibres and single-fibre FC, LC, SC and MU connectors, achieving low insertion loss values and high polarisation extinction ratio (PER).

Flexo Fan-Out

The Flexo Fan-Out is yet another reliable method Sylex provides for directly terminating outdoor or universal multi-fibre cables. This robust, factory-made breakout point with aluminium body is able to accommodate between 12 and 144 fibres.

Fibre To The Antenna (FTTA)

Are you still searching for reliable 5G network components? If you need to connect a base band unit (BBU) with remote radio heads (RRH) through optical fibres, you have come to the right place. Sylex’s FTTA solution provides complete equipment which enables you to build a secure optical network between BBU and tower mounted RRHs. Our solution consists of durable plastic boxes with high IP ratings, an outdoor feeder and drop cables with lots of accessories.

Active alignment of fibre arrays to photonics chips

SYLEX now offers active alignment of fibre arrays to photonics chips. With the combination of fibre-optic harnesses terminated at Sylex with different types of multi-fibre connectors, we deliver complete connectivity solutions from PCB level to the outside infrastructure,

Practical guide to polarity selection

An ideal multifibre optical harness is expected to have perfect visual aspect of polished fibres, excellent end face geometry and exceptional optical parameters. The fourth essential criterion is the correct connection of the individual fibres within the erminated connectors.

IP MPO/MTP/LC products

SYLEX now offers a new category of harsh environment products. These robust new IP MPO/MTP or LC connectors can provide our customers with water and dust protection for various outdoor installations.

VERTEX – HD 1U panel system

SYLEX has designed a new patch panel system called VERTEX, which itself increases the capacity in one 1U position in the rack threefold as compared to a standard 1U patch panel. We can offer you a 1U HD VERTEX modular patch panel system with a combination of HD VERTEX modules.

Armored patchcords

Lightweight and pliable assemblies dedicated for non-standard and harsh environment applications. Using a square locked type of stainless steel tube protects the fibres from external influences such as mechanical stress.

7th International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring

Date: 16 June 2021 at 19:45
Location: Rome, Italy
Participation: Exhibitor and presenter during NT.1 New Trends in Cotact monitoring
Attendants: Peter Lowy

Schedule your meeting with our colleagues and we look forward to seeing you during this event.