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Practical guide to polarity selection

An ideal multifibre optical harness is expected to have perfect visual aspect of polished fibres, excellent end face geometry and exceptional optical parameters. The fourth essential criterion is the correct connection of the individual fibres within the erminated connectors.

IP MPO/MTP/LC products

SYLEX now offers a new category of harsh environment products. These robust new IP MPO/MTP or LC connectors can provide our customers with water and dust protection for various outdoor installations.

VERTEX – HD 1U panel system

SYLEX has designed a new patch panel system called VERTEX, which itself increases the capacity in one 1U position in the rack threefold as compared to a standard 1U patch panel. We can offer you a 1U HD VERTEX modular patch panel system with a combination of HD VERTEX modules.

Armored patchcords

Lightweight and pliable assemblies dedicated for non-standard and harsh environment applications. Using a square locked type of stainless steel tube protects the fibres from external influences such as mechanical stress.

7th International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring

Date: 16 June 2021 at 19:45
Location: Rome, Italy
Participation: Exhibitor and presenter during NT.1 New Trends in Cotact monitoring
Attendants: Peter Lowy

Schedule your meeting with our colleagues and we look forward to seeing you during this event.

On-board optics – How it is connected to the outside world

The fibers are getting closer and closer to the chipset. Bringing the data by light to the point where it is centrally processed is one of the main goals of architecture designers. What are the current possibilities for this? Which media types are available? What should one focus on when looking for interconnection solution? This article gives you the answers to these question,

Sylex joins I4DI Consortium

It is our great pleasure to inform you that Sylex has become a member of the I4DI association (Innovations for Digital Infrastructure), where we will stand alongside members such as Seagate and VNET.

A quick Fibre to the Desk deployment

Sylex now offers a Fibre to the Desk (FTTD) solution. It is based on a minimal metal holder which is easy to use, features user-friendly installation and fits in most locations, blending into the environment.

Sylex expands its portfolio with new POF-based products

In polymer optical fibres (POF), both the fibre core and the cladding are made of polymers. Key advantages of polymer optical fibres are high flexibility (high alternate bending resistance with smaller bending radii) as well as a low cost solution in connecting and transmission technology in comparison with glass optical fibres.

Recycle it!

In our company, we try to look more and more often at the environmental aspects of our business. One of the many steps by which we are striving to decrease paper consumption and thus volume of waste is through the implementation of an electronic internal order process.