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The SYLEX bee

The popularity of urban beekeeping is increasing; bees are part of our city lives. The quality of honey from urban hives is as high as from meadows and forests. Our employees welcome this environmental activity and are looking forward to tasting the first honey from the SYLEX bee. And who knows, maybe there will also be a few spoons of honey left for you!

The new MTP®-16 product family

The new MTP®-16 product family is based on a new version of ferrules, connectors and adapters. Utilising the same external footprint as the existing 12-fibre MT ferrule, MTP®-16 is available in one or two rows of 16 fibres and leverages all the proven features and technology of traditional MT ferrules.

Arinc 801

ARINC (Aeronautical Radio Incorporated) standards define the components, test procedures, design, handling and maintenance approaches for fibre optic aircraft solutions. In particular, ARINC 801 is an essential part of this connectivity system’s foundation, specifying the optical connection and its parameters.

ROBUST pulling solution

Many differing locations and requirements exist when it comes to installing connectors to an exact spot. If installers face a harsh environment, they need a higher level of protection for the connectors than what is required in a standard installation process.

SYLEX offers products with new MDC connectors from US Conec

Our maxim “as much as possible” always means higher density. Be it panels, racks or other telecom or datacom accessories, our fibre optic products are designed to accommodate as many fibres as possible. New applications that require miniaturization…

Webinar Fiber Optical Sensing on July 21st, 11:00 AM CEST

Want to get more insight in the application of fiber optical sensors? The presenters in this webinar will talk about a variety of subjects. Peter Löwy from Sylex will talk about the application of fiber optic sensors in multiple industries…


This Wednesday June 24th at 3pm CEST (GMT+2) Sylex will be making 15min presentation on Fiber optic Interconnections and Sensing system as a part of the 24 HOURS WORLD PHOTONICS TOUR organized by EPIC…

MTP® PRO push-pull boot

As an in-field optical installer, you surely know what it’s like to patch/unpatch a higher quantity of cables, notably MTP® cables, from/to panels or high-density adapters…

Robust sensor with a gentle touch

Among various standard and custom FBG-based fiber optic sensors designed and produced by SYLEX, our new SWS-02 spot-weldable strain sensor with integrated temperature compensation offers dual installation approach and excellent parameters, underpinned by good robustness and longeavity.