Aktívne zarovnanie sústav vlákien na fotonické čipy

SYLEX now offers active alignment of fibre arrays to photonics chips. Positioning of the fibre arrays is done by 6 axis stages using sub-micron accuracy. The optimal position of fibre arrays is found using the highest level of optical signal coming out of and into the photonic chip, utilising the integrated scan routines for first light search and gradient search. This ensures low insertion loss and maximum performance of photonic chip design. Fibre arrays bonding to PCB with photonics chips are performed by a DUV epoxy, which ensures strong fixation against any possible stresses like peel, cleavage, shear, etc.

With the combination of fibre-optic harnesses terminated at Sylex with different types of multi-fibre connectors, we deliver complete solutions to customers – from PCB to a variety of card edge single-fibre connectors as well as typical multifibre connectors such as MT, MTP® and PRIZM MT®. Single and arrayed fibre pigtailing, alignment of collimating micro-optics, camera module assembly, etc. are just a few examples of many applications in which active alignment plays a role.

A typical example of such a component is the PRIZM® LightTurn® Mechanical Optical Interface (MOI) from US Conec, which guides the light to and from the RX and TX parts of the optical system. Combining this with the PRIZM® LightTurn® ferrule provides a quasi-planar bi-directional interface between the arrays of VCSEL, photodiodes or grating couplers to waveguides or other photonic devices on PCB and 12 ribbon with an MPO/MTP connector at the end.

Our offering and capabilities are suitable for projects at the R&D stage, NPIs, pre-series and small to mid-size volume production.


  • active alignment not dependent on signal properties
  • multi-fibre connectors
  • fibre arrays
  • sub-micron accuracy
  • fixation by DUV epoxy with nanoparticles

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